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Using a Property Manager that Tenants Love to Work With

Park Avenue Properties - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Property Management Blog

In our last post, we talked about how a property management company helps find and retain quality renters. One of the key aspects to this involves the property manager building rapport with tenants. When a property manager fosters a strong relationship with tenants, a culture of positivity is created and this can benefit both the investors and their properties.

There are a number of reasons an investor might choose to work with a property manager rather than go it alone. Often times, an investor might not have the time or proximity to the property to properly build the rapport that will keep a quality tenant happy and occupying their property. This is where a property manager can step in and take the lead.

Let’s take a look at factors that can make a property manager one who your tenants love to work with.

The overarching theme one will find that helps to build rapport with tenants is availability. Being available to tenants strengthens the relationship with them. Again, this is where a property manager provides a huge value to its investors who cannot make themselves constantly, or even regularly, available to their tenants for whatever reason.

So how does a good property manager make themselves available to tenants?

First, this culture of availability starts from the moment a prospective renter begins interactions with the property manager and property management company. The property management team at Park Avenue Properties encourages prospective renters to contact us with any questions. Not only are these prospects encouraged to call and email, but the handy chat function on our website allows them to quickly and easily get in touch with us.

By simply extending the offer of help with any questions, we are able to begin building that good relationship early and help prospective renters narrow in on their home search. This also gives us the opportunity to clear up any possible misunderstandings and help prospects with seeing and applying for a property. Thus, helping prospective renters to quickly become quality tenants!

Technology is an extremely useful tool when working with prospective renters and current tenants alike. Our systems allow for the most user friendly interface possible, making the process of working with us easy.

At Park Avenue Properties, we offer a tenant portal, a command center where tenants can communicate with their property manager and quickly pay rent. We make paying rent easy for all tenants by offering them several options over how they pay, and even offer an Auto ePayment option which auto-drafts a tenant’s monthly rent straight from their account, for ease and convenience.

The tenant portal also makes requesting property maintenance simple for tenants. At a high stress time, we strive to make the process of requesting and obtaining maintenance quick and easy. The tenant portal, our in-house call center, and after-hours emergency maintenance line are there to assist tenants in need of maintenance.

Unfortunately, in the business of property management it can be difficult to build a strong relationship with tenants. In some instances, the only time a tenant has contact with a property manager is to pay their rent or to report a problem.

At Park Avenue Properties, we strive to move beyond that barrier!

For us, that starts with a simple email or phone call once the tenant is in place. We want to check in with the tenant and make sure that all of their questions are answered, that they are happy in their new home and even offer a little “welcome to the neighborhood!”

Once the tenant is in place, we continue to reach out and, once again, technology helps keep us in touch. Our blog and social media offers a fantastic platform to interact and discuss fun topics like home care and local events. Our property managers also keep the lines of communication open with regular emails to our tenants, updating them on what’s happening at Park Avenue Properties. Additionally, we always take any opportunity we can to encourage tenants to get in contact with us if they need us!

That said, do you have any questions or concerns? Want more information on how we foster a strong relationship with tenants and build a culture of availability? Have a specific problem, another question or concern? Let us know! Give us a call or drop us a line and we would be happy to assist you.

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