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6 Reasons to Choose Park Avenue Properties

Park Avenue Properties - Thursday, February 18, 2016
Property Management Blog

Park Avenue Properties prides itself on being one of the most progressive property management firms in our areas of service. We are a results oriented firm, driven by the satisfaction of our clients. Below are qualities of our firm that have made us successful in our industry.

1. We Are Licensed Professionals

Not only are we members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM® but our firm owner served on the National Board of Directors for NARPM® as a Regional Vice President. He is also a past President of the local North Carolina NARPM® Chapter. The Regional Sales Manager of our Property Management group, Jennifer Stoops, served as the local NARPM® Chapter President and serves on the NC Property Management Division Board of Governors.

2. We know the security of your property is top priority.

  • We ensure all showings are Agent assisted. No property access is granted unless the prospective tenant is accompanied by a licensed Agent.
  • We use security code lock boxes on each property so that other Agents do not have to sign out a key at our office. Signing out keys is a deterrent to Agents and, in many cases, they will not show your property due to the extra time and gas required to pick up a key and take it back to the office.
  • We provide Error & Omissions (E&O) insurance that covers all of our managed properties at no additional cost to you.
  • We have a large company support team so we can adequately respond to the needs of your property and the market. We are available to meet your needs when you contact us.

3. We use multiple outlets to advertise and show your property.

  • Our Internet key word ad campaign is aggressive and generous in budget. We keep the qualified leads coming in from this active campaign.
  • We advertise on several pay-to-advertise sites/publications and NOT just the free sites. This is critical to your vacancy rate as Craig's List alone should not be your property's only exposure.
  • We show your property not only during the week but on weekends, too.
  • We use our patent pending technology ( and our exclusive Rental Showing Network to match licensed Agents with potential renters to view our rentals.
  • We co-broker with thousands of Agents in most of the major Cities we service and pay them generous commissions for bringing us a renter. Most importantly, we pay the commissions – not you!

4. We offer competitive fees and convenient pay schedules.

  • Our fee structure is built on our performance to find a qualified tenant as well as our customer loyalty. Our fees actually decrease the longer it takes us to find a tenant. Once again, we are results oriented. We also offer discounted management fees to owners with multiple properties.
  • We do NOT charge a separate marketing fee for managed properties. We pay all advertising charges from our finder's fee.
  • We disburse funds three times per month and not 30 days after it is collected. We also send you your rent monies via ACH electronic transfer and not a physical check which also means you get your money faster.
  • If you send us a new client then we give you a 1% discount on your management rate. See Fees for details.

5. We use the latest technology to your advantage.

  • Our Property Managers all have company-issued iPads with 3G service. This 3G service allows them to access the Internet from anywhere and take applications from prospective tenants on the spot. Furthermore, this reduces the chances that the prospective tenant will go home and find another rental to look at the next day instead of applying for your rental home.
  • Our firm uses professional quality photography equipment to take photos of our rental properties which is unheard of in our industry. These photos are higher resolution to capture vibrant colors and details.
  • We're in the technological "cloud". Meaning, we can manage your property from virtually anywhere. So, instead of being tied to our office desks, we can be out in the field managing your property & generating leads.

6. We are available 24/7.

We offer an Owners portal so you can log-in and see your latest monthly management statements and make updates to your account (i.e. update your contact information and banking information, review maintenance invoices, access your executed lease and management contract and more!) Our Tenants also have a portal to pay on-line with e-check or credit card.